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System 5 – MC Review!

After a brief look at AES I finally got an in-depth, hands-on demo of the System 5 MC.  I was expecting amazing things, and really wanted to like this console, but to my surprise… I really actually hated it.  Here are my pro’s and con’s: Let’s start positive… Pro’s: – Customizable. …Way more so than the icon.  This could be very useful to those that have one that they use...

Session Backup Tips

Most of the time, the last thing an engineer is thinking about while running a session is making sure his session is backed up, and all media is in a place that makes an archival backup easy and effective. Some of these things might seem obvious, but keeping session backup and data safety in mind in your personal work-flow can be invaluable. Session File Backups: Pro Tools has an auto-backup feature that creates a backup of...

New Hardware… hooray?

So apparently instead of fixing their software, Avid has been investing time and money into new hardware.  A few interesting things… MADI IO is kinda nice… if you’re into that type of thing… New color scheme… Get all the details and marketing fluff here. Share This Post

The Alternative to CoreAudio and Re-Wire!

Don’t you wish you could just hear your system audio through your Pro Tools rig without the useless CoreAudio? Do you want to use Soundminer, but re-wire just doesn’t ever work?  Client wants to watch a quicktime?  You want to rock out to the latest Miley Cyrus single on iTunes?  Here’s the fix! 1. Run an optical cable from your G5 to a 192 2. Set your audio output to digital on your g5 (this is in...