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Batch Re-Name Tracks with QuicKeys

Batch Re-Name Tracks with QuicKeys

I don’t normally use a lot of custom keyboard shortcuts, but sometime, on very repetitive tasks, I just can’t resist.  My custom hot key program of choice is currently QuicKeys, but development has stopped, so I will probably migrate to another solution soon.  But for those of you still using QuicKeys, help yourself to my batch track re-namer: Here

To use it:

1. Create a bunch of tracks.

2. Rename the first one With the root of the name you want (for example “FX “)

3. Fire the hot key. (The default I have is “Control+Option+Command+R”)

4. It will prompt you for how many tracks you want to rename.

5. Let it do it’s thing!
If you have an amazing use for custom hot keys, share it in the comments below!

One Response to “Batch Re-Name Tracks with QuicKeys”

  1. Julienne says:

    Keyboard Maestro is what i switched to after quick keys. works great

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