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Problems Re-Linking? Try this!

Problems Re-Linking?  Try this!

Since Pro Tools 11 I’ve been having problems relinking files when I move a session from one drive to another, or when opening a session started in 10.  I always use the manual re-link window, but Pro Tools wasn’t seeing the files unless I navigated to the subfolder.  This is fine with a single audio files folder, but if you are linking to a bunch of different folders, there’s a faster way.

1. When prompted choose “manually re-link”

2. In the re-link window, Right-Click (NOT control click) on the drive where you know the audio to be and choose “Reveal in Workspace”

3. In the workspace, Right-Click on it again and choose “Update Index”

4. Check your progress in the task manager (Option + ‘ )

5. Once it’s done indexing, re-link as you normally would in the Manual Re-Link window.  It should be able to quickly search all sub-folders and re-link properly.

6. Get to work!

2 Responses to “Problems Re-Linking? Try this!”

  1. commander says:

    on step 2, do you mean to right click on the drive within the workspace window? (step 3 is more literal so i can see that’s what you mean)

  2. Major says:

    Ah… good point… I clarified. Thanks!

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