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Clip Gain Keyboard Shortcuts!

Clip Gain Keyboard Shortcuts!

Clip Gain has been a powerful tool since Pro Tools 10.  Let’s take a look at the keyboard shortcuts available to make it even more powerful.

All of the Clip Gain shortcuts are in the “Control+Shift” family.  These are used by highlighting part of a clip, and entire clip, or a bunch of clips.

Or you could ignore all of this… and mouse around with the clip gain fader or line…. but… c’mon…


Show/Hide Clip Gain Line  =  Control + Shift + Minus(-)
Show/Hide Clip Gain Fader = Control + Shift + Equals(=)


Nudge Up/Down*  =  Control+Shift + Up/Down Arrow
Nudge Up/Down * =  Control+Shift + Scroll Wheel on your mouse! ***My Favorite!
Nudge Forward/Back = Control + Shift + (Any of the 3 ways that you can nudge forward/back)

*NOTE: Defaults to 0.5db increments.  This can be changed in preferences.


Copy  =  Control + Shift + C
Cut  =  Control + Shift + X
Paste  =  Command + V (Note: The only Clip Gain shortcut that DOESN’T use Control+Shift)
Clear  =  Control+Shift + B

5 Responses to “Clip Gain Keyboard Shortcuts!”

  1. Chris says:

    Control+Shift+Delete also deletes Clip Gain. I find it easier than the Control+Shift+B. Both require 2 hands.

  2. Aaron says:

    I’ve been using clip gain for about a year or so, and I didn’t even know about a couple of these awesome shortcuts! Can’t wait to try control+shift+scroll wheel. Will holding command while doing this move the clip gain in smaller increments similar to how command mouse drag works on a fader? I’ll test that out when I’m back at the studio. Thanks for the quality tips and advice you guys provide!

  3. Fernando says:

    Sorry if it is not related: when I try to create new shortcuts to PT such as “save as” as shit+command+s it doesnt work, As a matter of fact, I am current unable to create shorcuts for protools… any ideas?

  4. This is very useful. Thanks for sharing.


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