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Window Configurations for AudioSuite Presets

Window Configurations for AudioSuite Presets

Always use the same settings in an AudioSuite plugin?  Recall it quickly by using a window configuration!

1. Open an audiosuite plugin and set it to your favorite setting.

2. In the “Window” menu choose new configuration.

3. Name it and note the number (or give it a number you like)

4. I prefer to un-check the “Include edit, mix… etc.” box so only the audiosuite plugin changes when the configuration is fired.

5. ¬†Hit “OK”

6. Recall this configuration using the keypad with <decimal>, <number>, <asterisk>

7. For quicker service I set my F13-F19 keys to fire window configs 1-7 using Quickeys.


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One Response to “Window Configurations for AudioSuite Presets”

  1. Strangenotez says:

    Now that’s what I call a friggin tip! Thanks guys.

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