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Timecode Math!

Timecode Math!

Did you know that you can do timecode math in the main counter of your session?  You did?  Well stop reading then.  If you didn’t… then read more!

Locate into your main counter by pressing * on the number pad.  Once there, you can add or subtract time by using +/-  For example.

Say you were spotting guide tracks to 00:59:50:00 and every hour after that.  Type it in once, then whenever you need to increment it, just type * + 01 . . . and hit enter.

Also useful if you need to do math like 01:09:12:11 + 00:03:34:17

Shortcut Summary:

* (number pad)  Keyboard focus to the main counter.

+/- (number pad)  Add or subtract time to current location.

. (Number pad)  Double zero when entering timecode

2 Responses to “Timecode Math!”

  1. Colin Mitchell says:

    Was looking for keyboard shortcut for “Keyboard focus to Pre/Post roll values”. Similar to ” * ” for Main Counter and “/” for Start, End & Length fields.

    Thanks “Dudes”

  2. Major says:

    Hmmm… the only one I know of is to option+click with the selector tool to set a pre or post roll… and of course toggle on and off with command+k… let me know if you find something else!

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