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Pro Tools 10.2 Known Issues

Although Pro Tools 10.2 has fixed literally hundreds of bugs, (like “automation stops playing” and “session crashes all the time for no freaking reason”) With every version of Pro Tools there is a list of “known issues” contained in the ReadMe file.  Here are some highlights that alarmed me:

Audio scrubbing is offset by the overall system delay when Automatic Delay Compensation is enabled (PTSW-150138)
With Automation Delay Compensation enabled, when scrubbing audio the output is offset by the overall system delay (displayed in the Session Setup Window). Large system delays cause a noticeable offset. To avoid this issue, you can disable Automatic Delay Compensation when you want to scrub audio for editing.

DestructivePunch may not behave correctly when using Automatic Delay Compensation (PTSW-157282)
When using the Maximum amount of Delay Compensation, DestructivePunch may not behave correctly. To avoid this issue, do not use DestructivePunch with system delays over 4,096 samples at 48 kHz, 8,192 samples at 96 kHz, or 16,384 samples at 192 kHz.

Video Offset affects Bounce To QuickTime files (PTSW-123033)
If Pro Tools has a defined Video Offset and you Bounce to QuickTime, the resultant QuickTime file will be offset by the specified amount in Pro Tools (Setup > Video Sync Offset). To avoid this problem, set the Video Sync Offset to 0 before bouncing to the QuickTime file format.

Also Here are 2 others that aren’t list as “known” issues, but I have experienced:

Bounce to QuickTime Loses Audio
If you name the file ending in and underscore “_” there will be no audio on it.  Weird!

AAX EQ3 doesn’t map to Icon
In the AAX version of the EQ3 the high and low pass filters do not map properly to the Icon (D-Control and D-Command)

Full “known issue” list can be found here.

4 Responses to “Pro Tools 10.2 Known Issues”

  1. Ryan says:

    Also the Q adjustment keyboard shortcuts on the AAX EQ3 are inverted. (scrolling up makes the Q go down and vice versa)

  2. Major says:

    @Ryan… I have been told that is on purpose and not a bug… still hate it!

  3. JonJon says:

    My issue is that the plugins that they were so kind to throw in like Bombfactory, Channel strip and D-Verb have control issues with parts of them not working (Faders, Buttons). What’s that about??

    Fresh install did nothing.

    i7, Win 7 64.

  4. Gisle Tveito says:

    Delay compensation creates sync issues when using “bounce to quicktime”. Turn that off and it’s fine. Video offset is not an issue.

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