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Pro Tools Stickers and Keyboards Reviewed.

I don’t usually use keyboard shortcut stickers or Pro Tools specific keyboards, but I know a lot of people do, and they can be great learning tools for those just getting started in the Pro Tools world.  Throughout the years I have used nearly every keyboard and sticker set on the market.  Below are my recommendations for the best of each.  In the spirit of only being positive, I have only included the ones that I think are top in their category.

Best Sticker Set:

Having tried several different sticker sets, this one really does live up to it’s name (full disclosure I got a free set to try)  These stickers met the following conditions:

– Durable
– Easy to apply
– Easy to read
– Easy to read in low-light
– Cheap ($8.49 shipped)

Also compatible with both old and new style keyboard with 2 different sized function key stickers, and optional notched F and J keys.

Best Keyboard:

LogicKeyboard: Pro Line

I personally would prefer a keyboard to stickers, but the price-tag usually deters most from investing in a dedicated keyboard for one application.  After trying several, the best in my opinion is from LogicKeyboard.

At $154.90 this keyboard is not cheap, but outshines all others in performance, durability, and readability.  An exact replica of the Apple Aluminum Keyboard users don’t have to learn new placement of modifiers or function keys and can transition seamlessly back and forth.

One Response to “Pro Tools Stickers and Keyboards Reviewed.”

  1. Clint Berg says:

    I am an editing and mixing engineer and I’m totally blind. I use Pro Tools 10 interactively via my keyboard; no mouse. normally I use raised sticker dots to guide my keyboard short-cuts. I can’t see these products that you are showing on screen..But, do you think these stickers might be useful for me? I’ll take all the help that I can get. thanks, Clint, Cberg Studio

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