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Pro Tools 10: The Details

So after the big announcement at AES NYC on Thursday, I was able to sit down and have a hands on demo of the new Pro Tools 10, and the Avid System 5 MC console.  The main features of each are being trumpeted by AVID, and are well documented, so I’m going to give you 5 good things you might not have heard about, and 5 bad things you definitely might not have heard about.

Top 5 (Under-Marketed) New Features!

5. 32 Bit Floating point mix engine!  Increases plug-in headroom!

4. Export selected tracks as new session.  If you’re in post, you know how amazing this is!

3. Eucon integration is exceptional, and multiple user pages of customizable soft keys makes it useful for a facility.

2. Increase in voices!!!  If you’re in post this is LONG overdue and very welcome… but you have to go native, or get and HDX to get it… so half-bummer

1. Probly the most overlooked feature is that it’s NOT TDM anymore!  Say goodby to pinwheels everytime you change an output, re-arrange tracks, and make a track active!  Don’t get me wrong, TDM had a great run, but HDX is very welcome!

Top 5 Bummers!

5. Even with new real-time fades, cross-fades STILL don’t pull apart properly when dragging clips from one track to another.  WTF!!! (one of my pet peeves)

4. Clip based gain is great… but clip based EQ would be handy too!

3. The System 5 console has “Focus Fader follows track selection as a preference… WHY WHY WHY can’t the D-Control?!?

2. 9HD is now not being developed… so long to the dreams of a stable version of THAT piece of crap…

1.  The price!!!  I just paid to upgraded 20 systems to 9HD 3 months ago… now to upgrade to 10HD I have to pay $1000 each… PLUS new hardware… and soon new IO… slow down AVID… let’s see if you can make a piece of software that’s stable first… 9 isn’t stable at ALL, and I’ll bet not a lot of resources are going to be dedicated to fixing those issues…

In conclusion… I applaud Avid for their new features and pushing forward with a better hardware option, but I am very worried about software stability.  I was fooled into upgrading to 9 before it was ready for prime time… now I’m going to soon be forced into upgrading to 10, I’ll bet the software will be just as buggy… at least for a while.  I am all for investing in new superior hardware, as long as the software is up to par.

Total Grade for Avid: B

6 Responses to “Pro Tools 10: The Details”

  1. werkerholic says:

    As a Avid user I wonder if the 'software update' business is all they want and have now forgotten about the musician………. A lot of the shit that I upgraded to PT10 should have been simple updates for PT9 stability…………I hate when the software company acts if they are selling a automobile when it comes to licensing, but never have a recall for their shitty marketing and 'fixes'. I just got PT10 and Lion working so for the next few years Avid can spend someone's money other than mine…………same go for the bullshit at Native Instruments with the Komplete 8 update that excludes the product that had been marketed as a perfect match, KORE2……… worries about that one though it's a simple bait-and-switch lawsuit that they'll lose …………… Did they really think NO LAWYERS were looking, stupid.

    Anyway good software co's with a shitty idea of how to make money off of fixing the shit they should have fixed from the beginning. I mean some people actually base their careers on this stuff, but they keep acting like 5 y/o with ADHD and that has to take a piss!

  2. simon says:

    Cross-fades not pulling apart properly when dragging clips from one track to another is absolutely my top pet peeve. You're not alone.

    Gutted this isn't fixed.

  3. Max says:

    All that updating stuffi if needed to make the stock options rise in value or to demonstrate that the stock are profitable…
    I love the idea of the new cards and all but why stopping support for the 192 still a good sounding interface…

  4. Piotr says:

    Proper managment of crossfades is my #1 request

  5. Simon says:

    And still not fixed in PT11


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