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Gettin’ Grabby

We’re going to kick it back to basics for a minute and explore the grabber tool.  The normal Grabber Tool is pretty self explanatory.  But let’s explore the other two options.

The Grabber(Separation) tool allows you to take a selection and move it (without separating with “B” or “Command+E” first).  This can be used across multiple regions and tracks.  If you want to grab a selection and move it without effecting the original, use “Option + Grabber(Separation)”.  This tool may be used as part of the multi-tool.

The Grabber(Object) tool allows you to select non continuous regions and tracks without effecting regions in-between.  You can swipe to select multiple regions, or you can shift+click regions to add them to the selection.  You can then effect all regions in the selection (for example shorten all of the selected regions by your nudge value by hitting “Command + minus(numberpad)”  This tool may not be used in the multi-tool.

Happy Grabbing!

One Response to “Gettin’ Grabby”

  1. Robert Goldberg says:

    Is there a way to get Pro Tools to always default to the Separation Grabber? There used to be but can’t find it. I’m still on 8. Thanks.

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