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DSP Cache? I don’t even know her…

What is DSP Caching?  DSP Caching allows you to open sessions faster (after the first one) by keeping some plugins and such allocated.  When you open another session (especially a similarly configured session) or when using revert to saved, Pro Tools now only has to re-allocate the differences, instead of releasing all teh DSP and reallocating it.  

The only downside is that the session setup window may not always accurately display your usage (if you remove plugins DSP isn’t released unless it is needed elsewhere)  To remedy this, use the “Purge Cache” button or turn off DSP Caching.

The “Use DSP Cache” toggle is located in the system usage window.  This feature is available only in Pro Tools HD (obv. because LE doesn’t have any dedicated DSP.)

BONUS Hot-key:  To Open the last opened session, hit “Shift+Command+O”

2 Responses to “DSP Cache? I don’t even know her…”

  1. JB says:

    I've heard numerous reports of DSP Cache causing weirdness with regards to ADC and other strange artifacts. You guys come across this?

  2. Major says:

    I have heard those reports as well. I beleive they were just on non-Intel macs. I have not personally experienced them on either processor. Though I do turn off DSP caching if something starting going wonky.


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