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Custom Trackball Buttons

Hey everyone!  I’m assuming that most of you use the Kensington Expert Trackball (and if you don’t you should be!)  If you don’t know already, there is (free) software called Mouseworks that lets you customize the buttons on the unit.  Below is my favorite setup (buttons listed clockwise from bottom left).

My Favorite setup:

Click, Option+Minus(show all volume automation), Control+up-arrow (track size up), Control+down-arrow (track size down)

I don’t regularly use the 2-button combination shortcuts… maybe I should…

What shortcuts do YOU have mapped to your trackball???

4 Responses to “Custom Trackball Buttons”

  1. LL click = click.
    UL click = Cursor tool.
    UR click = Hand tool.
    LR click = Edge/handle tool.

    Top chord = – (show current track volume automation).
    Bottom chord = delete.

  2. UL = double click
    UR = bounce
    LL = click
    LR = custom pulldown menu
    I don't chord.

    A friend of mine uses the upper buttons to zoom in/out, which also seems like a great use for those.

  3. Chris Shaw says:

    LL – Click
    UL – "esc" (toggles through the editing tools)
    UR – Right Click – great for right clicking track names and regions
    LL – “ (Double tilde) when in slip mode this will change to grid mode and vice versa
    Upper Chord – "B" (define region)
    Lower Chord – I use this for macros like "down, paste, up, tab" – for drum replacements, Re-naming tracks etc..

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