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Open Session With All Plug-ins Inactive!

New in pro tools 8 is the ability to open a session with all the plug-ins inactive!  This is great for opening sessions quickly to grab a region or check something, without having to load all the plug-ins. This ALSO works in the import session data window which is AMAZING!  If you have a large session the last thing you want to do is have the neverending “de-activating” and “re-activating” plug-ins dialogue come up.  This lets you bring in tracks quickly without activating plug-ins, but still maintaining all essential automation etc.  What a time saver!

To use this shortcut, in the “open session” window, or the “import session data” window shift+click on the “open” button and the session will open with all plug-ins inactive.

17 Responses to “Open Session With All Plug-ins Inactive!”

  1. Mike Martin says:

    Nice, I could have used this last month….

  2. Major says:

    haha yeah I think I’ve used it every day since I learned it!

  3. Mark Johnson says:

    Worked great and helped me figure out my problem!!!!!!! Thanks guys!

  4. Celestial says:

    Didn't work for me

  5. salisie says:

    what can I do if some deactivated my pro tools plugins

  6. Major says:

    Control-Command-Click on the plugin and it should re-activate it.

  7. Aaron Evans says:

    Major thanks for posting this… For some odd reason Pro Tools turned all my plug in’s off when I opened a file.. but this saved me a MAJOR (pun intended) pain in the ass..

    Shine on..


  8. Major says:

    Glad to help! (And I appreciate the pun!)

  9. li says:

    hi, is there no way to activate all plugins with a single shortcut, or you i have to enable everything 1 by 1… i have this annoying problem where protools freeze when loading a certain session… so im using the shift technique

  10. Major says:


    you can activate rows of them by control+option+command clicking them. That’ll make it a bit faster

  11. li says:


    thanks, so ther is no fix for this? or do u think i should reinstall all my plugins? it can only be the plugins i mean the session loads fine with the plugins off… but then again i have used these plugins over the years n nothing lke this happnd befor… im only using brainworx, waves and IK in this session anyway… so this is kinda annoying…

  12. Major says:

    Yeah I’d say try to isolate which plugin specifically it is (trial an error, save the session with different plugins active) and then see if there is an update for that plugin.

  13. li says:

    thanks leme try that… il let u knw if i get it right… thanks for your help great site!

  14. li says:

    @Major i tried and i have sessions that work with the same plugins as the problem session… this is really a mystery now

  15. li says:

    i tried that now… same problem, the project freezes… but it works fine when i load it while holding shift….

  16. li says:

    i would pay some1 to do it lol anyway it loads fine in a new session.. then the track play, as soon as i exit and reopen it then it freeze again

  17. li says:

    there seem to be no solution, i have reinstall protools and updated everything… but new sessions seem to be working fine, anyway is there no shortcut to disable/enable all tracks with 1 click, think i gota work this session like that


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