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Keyboard focus!

Here’s quick and handy one:

Command – Option – 1 : Moves keyboard focus to “Fast keys” (the edit window)

Command – Option – 2 : Moves keyboard focus to the region bin.

Command – Option – 3 : Moves keyboard focus to Groups.


2 Responses to “Keyboard focus!”

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  2. Zack says:

    I've never bothered to use the keyboard focus for anything other than the edit window, so didn't know what they did.

    From the Pro Tools ref guide:

    Region List Keyboard Focus When selected, audio regions, MIDI regions, and region groups can be located and selected in the Region List by typing the first few letters of the region’s name.
    Group List Keyboard Focus When selected, Mix and Edit Groups can be enabled or disabled by typing the Group ID letter (in either the Mix or Edit window).

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