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Pro Tools 8.03 New Features

Pro Tools 8.03 was released recently, and we wanted to do a roundup of some of the cool new features (that are not bug fixes)

– The obvious big news about 8.03 is Mac OS 10.6 and Windows 7 Support, but there are a couple other cool new things Digidesign added.

– Edit/Tool Mode Keyboard Lock : Access this in the options menu or with Option – Shift – T to lock out the ability to switch between different variants of your edit tools. This is very handy for people that use the various keyboard shortcuts to switch edit tools, but find themselves accidentally switching the trim tool to the Time Compression-Expansion tool often. This happens to me almost every day, so this is a welcome addition to the software.

– External drive management relinquished to the OS : You can now unmount drives normally using finder while Pro Tools is running without the workspace. ‘NUFF SAID!

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