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Pro Tools 8.0.3 Bug Fixes!

Aside from officially adding Snow Leopard support, v8.0.3 has unleashed a fury of over-due bug fixes.  After testing a few of them out (because it all seems too good to be true!) here are a few of our favorites!

-Import Session Data Window can be resized!

-Shift-S solo crash has been resolved (not sure if I believe this one… they’ve claimed it was fixed at least once before, and while it did get better, it still crashed on occasion.  That being said, I haven’t crashed on 8.0.3 yet when using shift+s)

-Automation now follows edits on extending regions with a fade using the super-tool! Hooray!

-Waveform height is now fixed so all waveforms in the session are at the same zoom level, and all change together.

-When hitting play the cursor no longer jumps back, then “catches up” to the cursor position before playing.

-Bounce to disk, and Bounce to Quicktime settings are now saved! Hooray again!

Check back for more info on some improved features as well as updates on the inevitable new bugs in 8.0.3 as they are discovered!

11 Responses to “Pro Tools 8.0.3 Bug Fixes!”

  1. Jon says:

    Don’t forget they’ve gotten rid of the annoying “digidesign databases” folders on every drive, USB stick and iPod.

    8.0.3 MP on Win XP has been very good for me for the past week.

  2. Jeddr says:

    The 8.0.3 MP update didn’t work for me on Mac OSx 10.5.8. I’ve installed it twice, without succes. Tips are welcome.

  3. all these “fixes” are things that have been working in 7.4
    I still haven´t and will not upgrade from 7.4 to 8. Never as long as I will have my G5 PPC Dual 2,7 with Tiger. ROCK SOLID!

  4. Major says:

    I LOVE it! Now it’s easier to eject drives, AND you only have to delete one file when it crashes!

    What are you computer specs? You’re on an Intel I assume?

    @Andreas Rauscher
    I agree that this stuff should have been fixed long ago! The discontinuation of PPCs is unfortunate… but 7.4.2 is probably the most stable version of PT I have used. I wouldn’t upgrade to 8 unless I could get 8.0.3 which in my opinion is the first stable version of 8… (8.0.1cs1 is okay… but not as stable as 8.0.3)

  5. Jeddr says:


    Intel Mac indeed: OSx 10.5.8, 2.4 Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2GB 668 MHz DDR2 SDRAM


  6. Major says:

    Maybe you’ve tried this already… but try unistalling Pro Tools and start with a fresh version of 8, then update straight to 8.0.3 (you probly are trying to update and update of an update)

    Also you may have problems if you have updated your OS via the built in system updates. Always do OS updates via download-able “Combo updates” from the apple website.

    Hope some of this helps.

  7. Chad says:

    Hey Guys, what about the white noise in 8.0.3 ???
    Did they fix it..?
    I went back to 8.0.1 cs1 because of the white noise problem.
    info anyone ..??


  8. Ferrante says:

    Chad – Me and tons of other people also have the white noise problem in 8.0.3. I reversed to 8.0.0 and I am intending on staying there. My biggest mistake was to upgrade to 8.0.3 too fast, before reading on forums what it did to people. It amazes me that Digi Design were totally unaware of this problem before releasing the upgrade.

  9. Shea says:

    Hi all,

    Does anybody know if 7.4.2 (LE) and 8.0.3 (LE) can exist on the same drive. Just installed 8.0.3 and I can no longer open nor find 7.4.2. Using 10.5.8.



  10. Major says:

    Nope you have to have separate partitions or drives if you want to run 2 different versions.

  11. Shea says:

    Thought as much, slowly getting used to 8. Thanks for letting me know.

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