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Rule Your Rulers!

If you liked cleaning your edit window you’ll LOVE ruling your rulers!

Rulers Rule!

Rulers Rule!

Option+Click a ruler name: Clears the ruler clicked.

Control+Option+Command+Click on a ruler name: Clears all rulers except the one you click on (note: does not clear the ruler that goes with your main counter as this cannot be cleared)

Control+Click on a ruler name: Turns the grid view on and off.

Command+Click on a ruler name: Changes your main counter, grid, and nudge to that timebase. (where applicable)

edit: had a few extraneous “commands” in there

5 Responses to “Rule Your Rulers!”

  1. iZLER1 says:

    is there any set of key commands that allows you to switch from one timebase ruler to another?

  2. Major says:

    Not that I know of… just clicking on the ruler… :-/

    Just because I’m curious, what are you doing that you need to switch your ruler time-base that much?

  3. iZLER says:

    I’m a film composer, just starting to seq in PT. I come up against this a lot for eg:

    I have a hit point in the movie at a certain SMPTE time where I need to place say Bar 5 Beat 1 at 100 BPM. Unfortunately I don’t know a way of telling PT to place that bar beat and tempo in exactly that spot very easily – so I have to line up my tempo for the nearest quater note to fall on my hit point by moving the start time back and forth. Now say I’ve got it to a point where a quater note falls exactly on that spot, but it’s beat 3 of bar 5 not beat 1 – so, now I have to switch to the bar and beat ruler and hilight the exact distance between beat 1 and 3. Then I switch to the time code ruler to find exactly what that distance is in terms of the time code I’m working at, before subtracting that exact amount of timecode from my start time. Now beat 1 of bar 5 is at the exact spot I need it to be at.

    It’s kind of a huge pain in the arse actually! If anyone else does this kind of thing, I’d love to hear people’s workflow and methods. There’s not nearly enough info out there for movie composers regarding PT because PT isn’t traditionally a composing / MIDI platform. However, now with PT8, loads of us would be switching over if there was better support. Believe me, we’re all sick of the Logic, Cubase and DP monopoly in this field!

    However, there really need to be some more intuitive methods developed for this kind of stuff in order for PT to make any kind of headway in this field. Believe me though, there are a lot of us!

    I could go into much more detail but I’m scoring a movie with a deadline breathing down my neck so I’ll try and post here and there. Maybe there is help out there 🙂



  4. iZLER says:

    btw ….. is there a way, when you copy and paste or move MIDI notes to automatically copy any MIDI cc data or automation that comes with them?

  5. Major says:

    Unfortunately you have found my weak spot!! I know very little about the MIDI side of things, and the bar/beats ruler… I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if I find any information. :-/
    Let me know if you find any solutions you’d like to share.


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