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Combination Edit Modes

New in Pro Tools 8 is the ability to combine grid mode with all of the other edit modes.  These modes function exactly like they normally would, but the selector tool (and the selector portion of the super-tool) function in grid mode.  Utilizing these combination edit modes will help streamline your workflow and avoid excessive switching of edit modes.

To enter into combination modes, you can shift click on grid mode when you are in another mode. You can also hit both function keys at the same time (for example F1+F4 for Shuffle-Grid mode) Or if you are in an edit mode and press Shift+F4 you can add grid mode to it.

Add the grid clutch to these edit modes to enhance your workflow even more!

Note: Slip-Grid mode has been broken after 8.0.0 cs3 and is still not working in 8.0.1 cs1

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