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Dominate the Region List… via Keyboard!

The region list is a very powerful ally in your quest for effective session management.  Here are my 7 most used shortcuts that deal with the region list. (that’s not including this shortcut discussed earlier)

1. Command+Shift+K: Export Selected Region(s) as file.
Brings up a dialogue that lets you select file type, settings, and destination.

2. Command+Shift+F: Find…
Searches the region list for a sting you enter.

3. Command+Shift+D: Clear find.
Get’s you back to normal.

4. Command+Shift+U: Select unused regions

5. Command+Shift+B: Removes selected region from session (with the option to delete the file.)
Note: Sometimes the Select unused regions/Remove selected regions combo has to be repeated several times to completely clear unused regions from a session.

6. Option-Click (and hold): Preview region.
Plays the selected region out your audition path until you release the mouse.  Great for auditioning sound effects.

7. Control-Drag to Edit window: Snaps region to edit cursor.
Great for placing sound effects.

In conclusion…. use these shortcuts… NOW! … for good… not evil!

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