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Force Paste Automation

This doesn’t come up very often, but when it does you’ll be glad this little shortcut is around.  Control+Command+V (Paste Special: To Current Automation Type) is used when you want to copy automation data from one type of parameter (for example volume automation) and paste it onto a different parameter (for example send automation).

To use this command: View the automation you want to copy, highlight it, and copy in the normal manner (Command+C or just C).  Now view the automation that you want to paste it to (on the same track or a different track)  highlight a selection, and hit copypasteControl+Command+V and there you have it!

Note: With this command you cannot mix on/off type data (such as mutes and bypasses) with variable control data such as volume automation automation.

Very useful for pasting volume automation onto sends for a routing change or other unexpected occurrences throughout a project (not as useful is force pasting your “mid band Q” automation to your “center %”… but it’s nice to know that you can…)

3 Responses to “Force Paste Automation”

  1. Jfriah says:

    Glad someone posted this one; great combination.
    Question for you now somewhat-similar: For instance, on a plugin with a lot of parameters (Q10 for instance), if I want to clean up (ie: get rid of) the automation nodes on every parameter all at once, is there a way to do that that you are aware of?

    (like using Option-Cmd-T to ‘thin’ automation but so you don’t have to go and select everrrrrrrrrry parameter)

  2. Major says:

    As far as I know there is no way to do this. They best I could come up with is (if you have pt8) viewing all parameters in automation lanes… then you have have them all out at once to thin… but you have to add each one individually. As far as I know there is no way to open all parameters of a plug in automation lanes. (like you can with surround pan automation)… would be nice though 😉 thanks for the comment!

  3. ilter says:

    Responding to thne question of Jfriah:
    Cmd+B does that.
    Clears all of the automation breaking points in the selected area.

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