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Pro Tools and Snow Leopard Initial Compatibility Info

I wanted to update everyone on my findings regarding Apple’s new OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and Pro Tools. I installed Snow Leopard on my Macbook (2007 1.83 Core Duo) Which is running Pro Tools LE 8.0 cs3 via a Mbox Mini.

Much to my surprise, Pro Tools seems to be working without a hitch. Well, that’s not entirely true, and it beach balled and froze when i first tried to launch it, but I think that was because I was messing around with a lot of other stuff and just launched it and continued to do other things. When I force quit and re-launched, it popped right up. I couldn’t produce a crash, except for a case that I believe had nothing to do with Snow Leopard involving trying to import multiple video files in a session without DV Toolkit.

I performed several tests with the equipment I have here at home and everything seems to be Peachy Keen. Here’s a video (our first!) of me Making a new session, and opening an old session.

Even though everything seems fine, I’m sure we’ll run into some issues (especially for TDM users) So, if you only have one Pro Tools workstation, and depend on it for your livelihood, it goes without saying that regardless of any of these tests, it’s probably best to wait for official compatibility statements from Digidesign. Until then, have fun!

6 Responses to “Pro Tools and Snow Leopard Initial Compatibility Info”

  1. if you got your mac in the last few months, the upgrade is $9

    working fine over here, improved performance on everything in pt8 (no cs updates installed)

  2. Ronan Browne says:

    I’m finding that after a little use, the scroll wheel ceases working. Quitting and re-starting fixes the problem for a while.

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  4. Tom Pixton says:

    Upgraded by MacBookPro (December 2008) to Snow Leopard last fall (October 2009) and am running ProTools LE 8 without a problem. Runs like a dream (just like it did on Leopard). I do small sessions, only one or two RTAS plugins, no more than 6 or 8 tracks. Have a 7200 rpm Glyph but it's noisy and clunky … have been recording right onto the MBP and off-load the session to the Glyph for editing and mastering. ProTools rocks (so does SL!). – Tom

  5. Danny says:

    Hi. I am a home-studio guy for hobby. When my keyboard broke on my PC I decided to finally get a mac and was so stoked to finally be able to have Pro Tools run smoothly.

    Alas, this whole Snow Leopard deal. Didn't see that one coming. It appears to me it will work but with some glitches. Will this forever effect how Pro Tools runs on my mac? Or once it is okayed by Digi, can I just update and be fine?


  6. kuku says:

    hi i have pt le 7.4.2 i am not able to make sessions on it. it gives an error tht the disc is not an valid audio volume


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