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Repeat to Fill Selection. Repeat to Fill Selection. Repeat to Fill Selection. Repeat to Fill Selection.

“Repeat to fill selection” is one of the most useful commands to use while editing.  It is located in the edit menu under “paste special”, and can also be accessed using the shortcut option+command+v.

There are 2 handy ways to use this command…


1. It is very useful when editing dialogue.  Copy a section of room tone (using command+c) and then highlight the section you want to fill.  Press option+command+v and it will fill the tone you copied.  If your selection is longer than the region in the clipboard it will repeat it to fill the selection, and prompt you with a fade window to choose how you want to fade between the regions.

2. This command is also handy if you have some crazy automation on a track and you want to level it out, and just have a straight line of volume automation. For example: If you want to bring the volume automation back to zero after some crazy edit wrecked it, find a section of automation that is zero, copy a small part of it, then highlight the section you want to replace.  Hit option+command+V and it will fill your selection with a nice straight line of automation.

8 Responses to “Repeat to Fill Selection. Repeat to Fill Selection. Repeat to Fill Selection. Repeat to Fill Selection.”

  1. J says:

    I dunno, when I do your #2, I get a whole bunch of volume automation nodes, rather than “a nice straight line of automation.”

  2. Major says:

    That’s very true… every time it repeats there is a node, as well as all the nodes that are in your original selection. I usually, as an additional step, highlight and delete the unwanted nodes.

  3. D# says:

    Is Number 1 used to fill a space made when nudging regions?What other options are there?

  4. Major says:

    Yes you can use technique #1 to fill spaces after nudging, or any kind of editing. For example if you are editing a piece of dialogue, and want to remove a mouth noise. When you delete it, there’s a hole in the tone. If you copy some clean tone, then paste to fill, and crocsfade, you have patched the hole.

  5. Jim Cuda says:

    for number to it just seems eaiser to highlight the messed up automation area and delete it. then trim it to the volume you want. But is a very nifty way to use that shortcut

  6. MorrowILA says:

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  7. Cornelius says:

    An alternative for #2 that doesn't leave nodes is to set the fader to the required value and then use the "automation/write to current" command.

  8. Tim Walston says:

    Even easier than those options… To "flatten" automation for a selection, simply make a selection and press "apple + /". This writes a flat line over your selection using the parameter value at the beginning of your selection. Adding "option" will write to all automation parameters.

    Also – you can roll playback at a section whose automation you desire, then make a different timeline selection (while still playing) and press "apple + /" or "option + apple + /". This will flatten the chosen parameters with static values copied from the section under the playback head.

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