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Toggle Transport Master

For those of you using machine control, you can forget this annoying menu:


To toggle through the transport master option (Pro Tools/Machine/MMC) hit Command+Backslash (/)

It will make you smiiiiiiiiile!

3 Responses to “Toggle Transport Master”

  1. Sean says:

    I posted on the digi forums just last week for this very need and when i got the answer back it DID make me smile. I wish I knew this two years ago after many thousands of trips to that menu with the mouse

  2. Thanks boys! I’d forgotten about this one.

  3. iZLER says:

    Does anyone have any experience syncing two pro tools rigs together?

    I'm a film composer and this movie is the first where I'm using PT for sequencing purposes as well as to run video. My sequencing rig is an HD2 Accell running on a Mac Pro Quad with a 192Digi and an Apogee Rosetta for front end. The video / print rig is LE, running on a G5 with a 002 rack.

    So here's my question and it's all the more bamboozling because it used to work fine until I had to re-rack and re patch all of my gear recently (don't you just hate that?):

    The LE rig chases the HD rig via MTC transmitted through a simple 2×2 midi interface. They sync fine, except I used to also have MMC working – i.e. I could scrub, fast forward and rewind on the HD machine and the video rig would follow suit. Except now it's not working any more….. like I said, MTC and basic stop / start sync works fine, just no scrub …. which for a film composer is really impractical, not to mention infuriating.

    It used to work fine and I swear the settings are the same ….. does anyone know if I could be leaving something out?

    please help!

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