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Using Region Groups in Pro Tools

Region groups were introduced in Pro Tools 7 and are fairly self-explanatory. Essentially you can group a number of regions so that they act like one region. You can edit the region group, fade it, fade between multiple region groups or any combination of region and region group, and import/export region groups.

To do this, make a selection containing more than one region, and hit Command-Option-G. This will create a region group. To ungroup the region group, select the region group, or multiple region groups, and press Command-Option-U. Something handy about this command is if you ungroup a region group, and edit the contents, you can re-group the region with Command-Option-R. And this will regoup the regions with your changes intact, instead of having to make a new region group.





So what are region groups good for? Making easy edits to a large number of regions spead across many tracks. I’ve found this particularly valuable in post-production for making edits to large sessions if the project changes edits when it is already in sound post. You would normally have to select a large portion of the session, make a small edit, and then playback to check the sync, and then reselect another large portion. You can instead just make a region group out of the whole session (or whichever part needs to be changed) and then quickly and easily make a large number of edits. You’ll also have the edit points in the region groups to go back to so you can easily check fades / automation on those edits.

Another handy feature of region groups are the export/import feature. For Example: You have 2 sessions with identical audio files. You’ve made edit changes in one session, but need to return to previous version of the edit. You can open the old session, make a region group of the section in question, export the region group, import it into the newer session, and you will have your old edit without having to import the entire track, or specially create a transfer session with just that section in it.

4 Responses to “Using Region Groups in Pro Tools”

  1. cory says:

    When I import region groups into my PT8 cs3 system, I get the pinwheel of death and eventually crash. What can I do to fix this PT dudes?

  2. Loran says:

    ZbjCaT Very true! Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that. 🙂

  3. Nehemiah says:

    This is a very handy trick, thx pro tools dudes!


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