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5 things that are still broken in Pro Tools 8 cs3

Though we love Pro Tools, there are still several persistent bugs that are still not fixed in Pro Tools 8 cs3.  Hopefully they will get fixed in cs4, but until then here are some possible work-arounds.

1. Latch mode doesn’t auto match properly.

This is by far the worst of the bugs.  After writing automation in latch mode, Pro Tools decides to write you’re automation to the next breakpoint (or end of session),  or you will get a gradual ramp to the next breakpoint.  This applies to plug-in parameters as well as volume and pan automation.

Work Around: Use the “automatch” button after every pass before you press stop, or don’t use latch mode.

2. Pre/Post Roll Causes sync drift.

This one is a little harder to track down.  When linking 2 systems with satellite, using pre or post roll will sometimes temporarily cause the systems to not be completely locked with each other.  For exmple:  System 1 has the video and the dialogue, System 2 has the FX.  You start playing, and the FX are in sync.  A few seconds later you notice that a door close is late.  You go back to try and fix it, but it’s back in sync again.

Work Around: Don’t use pre or post roll.

Edit: So apparently I was mistaken!  Which is a good thing I suppose.  As far as I can tell pre-post roll does not cause sync drift.  The real bug was when recording video into Pro Tools with pre-roll, but it has since been fixed in cs3. Thanks Digi!

3. Automation doesn’t follow fade nudge or super tool fade extension.

-Automation is written on a region like this:

Picture 3

-If you extend the region with the trimmer tool and then create a fade, you get automation that looks like this:

Picture 5

If you extend the region with the fade function of the super-tool you get this:

Picture 4This behavior is the same for all automation parameters, and also has similar behavior when extending regions with nudges.  The screen shots are from Pro Tools 7.x, but the problem persists into 8cs3.

Work Around: Avoid extending regions with the fade function of the super-tool.

4. Delay compensation with satellite.

Delay compensation doesn’t work across 2 systems linked with satellite.  For example, you are recording from one system to another, you’re incoming audio from the second system will not be in sync.  Read more about this here.

5. Waves plugin’s don’t like latch prime.

This is actually a problem on Waves part, but it’s worth metnioning that it’s still not fixed (has been broken for about 3 years)  When using “Latch Prim in Stop”  Waves will overwrite all it’s own automation in the pass after a latch pass.  Read more about it here.

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  1. Kawika says:

    That is disappointing, you’d think they’d have those things fixed by now. Thanks for the heads-up!

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