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Track Name, Region Name, Take Number quirk(bug) when recording!

This is an important quirk/bug in Pro Tools if you are doing any recording where you need to keep track of take numbers.  The normal behavior of Pro Tools is to name each file that you record in the following format: “trackname_takenumber.wav” for example: “voRec_01.wav”  The region in Pro Tools will also be named “voRec_01”

The only time when this is NOT the case is

if your track name ends with an underscore and then a number.  The underscore and number will be taken off of the file name, but the region will still be named the same.  For example a track named “ADR_101” will create files names “ADR_01.wav, ADR_02.wav, etc.”  But the region names will be “ADR_101_01, ADR_101_02, etc.”

It gets even trickier if you change the number after the underscore.  To continue the example above, if you changed the track name for the next cue to “ADR_102” the files names would be “ADR_03.wav, ADR_04.wav” but the region names would be “ADR_102_03, ADR_102_04” (NOTE: They will be labeled takes 3 and 4 even though there are no other take for ADR cue 102. This is where the confusion and headache will occur.)


Correct File Name/Region Name Behavior

Crazy File Name/Region Name Behavior

Crazy File Name/Region Name Behavior

I would suggest avoiding ending track names with an underscore and a number all together just to be safe.  It’s always a bad time when the region and file names don’t match in a record session. ( Note: This is a quick/bug in Pro Tools 7 and 8 )

One Response to “Track Name, Region Name, Take Number quirk(bug) when recording!”

  1. The way we have been doing Take numbers for the last few years it to use the following Format for multitrack sessions:
    01 1m1 Tree Left Tk.
    02 1m1 Tree Right Tk.
    03 1m1 Tree Centre Tk.

    If we then group these and make a new Playlist we get:

    01 1m1 Tree Left Tk.01
    02 1m1 Tree Right Tk.01
    03 1m1 Tree Centre Tk.01

    Each time we make a new playlist the Take number is incremented.
    Simple and neat

    Simon L.

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