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Pro Tools crashing? Acting Funny? A good place to start is deleting all the digidesign databases / preference files etc.

But there are soooooooooo many, and I don’t know where they all are!!!

Never fear! JCDeshaies’ Pro Tools Preference and Database helper to the rescue.

If you haven’t gotten this already, it’s a great free shareware app that will clear out all your database / preference files as well as back them up within a single handy application.

Download the helper here.


This is what it looks like!!!!

For those who’d prefer to do it themselves. The important things that this utility does are the following.

  1. Removes Digidesign Databases folders, which reside on the root of every drive connected to your computer while Pro Tools is running.
  2. Removes Digisetup.OSX, located in users/yourusername/library/preferences
  3. Removes Pro Tools preference file(s), also located inĀ users/yourusername/library/preferences (there are 2 of these, com.digidesign.ProTools.plist, and one just calledĀ Pro Tools vx.x Preferences)
  4. If you are using midi, it will remove the apple midi setup files, and any midi host preference files which reside in that same preferences folder, as well as a Core Audio Manager preference file if need be.

Note: If you hadn’t realized it, this action will DELETE your preferences. So, when you open Pro Tools after doing this, you will have to re-adjust some of your settings, unless you use the default preferences for everything.

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