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kitchen sync points

Sync points are, in my opinion, under-utilized by a lot of Pro Tools users. They have some pretty valuable and time-saving uses. The most helpful use of a sync point is snapping a region to your cursor using the sync point. Spotting sound effects in post production is one example. Drop the region onto the timeline and place the cursor right at the part of the sound you want to sync (usually the transient, but not necessarily). Press command-comma to insert the sync point. Navigate your cursor to the frame of video you wish to sync to. Now you can snap your region via it’s sync point to your cursor by control-shift clicking the region while in supertool or grabber mode. This is a fast, easy alternative to trimming the region, nudging to the video frame you want and then trimming it back out.

Look, a sync point!!!!

Look, a sync point!!!

This same works for any thing that you need to sync, but not necessarily with the head of the region. ie: cymbal roll, video region.

You can also spot regions using sync points.

spot regions via the sync point

spot regions via the sync point

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