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Love shortcuts? Make your own!

Ever wish for a shortcut in Pro Tools? I have. You may be in luck. This works for commands in Pro Tools that have a menu item associated with them.

Lets use ‘Save As’ as an example. Go to System Preferences – > Keyboard/Mouse and go to the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab. Click the “+” near the bottom left.


This will prompt you to choose your application, which in our case will be Pro Tools HD, or Pro Tools LE. You will probably ¬†have to scroll to the bottom and select “other” and navigate to your Digidesign folder to select the application.¬†Under menu title, enter the EXACT menu title of the key command you want to make. This part is case sensitive, and must be exactly what is in the menu, including if there is a “…” at the end of the menu title, which just means the menu item will pop up a dialog box.


So, for Save As, enter “Save As…”. Next click the keyboard shortcut box and press your desired shortcut (I used Shift-Apple-S) Next time you start Pro Tools, you can check the menu and it should have your new key command next to Save As. Enjoy!

This is what it should look like

This is what it Should look like

One of the commands I find myself using a lot is “Name” which is under View->Region to quickly hide/show region names for easier region viewing while editing. You can also use this to bring up Audiosuite plug-ins, which is handy.

Note: I know there are 3rd party applications that let you do something similar on a PC, but I don’t own a PC, so I cannot attest to this. Also, you can check this article from PC-Mag on one way of making keyboard shortcuts in Windows.

6 Responses to “Love shortcuts? Make your own!”

  1. Knuffmeg says:

    There is several apps for Mac that does this as well. My personal favorite is Quickeys, where you can select the menu and menu item fast and assign it an shortcut OR assign a HID device button like xkeys. It also has advanced features like macros and so on. It’s not free, but it’s well worth the money if you’re a keyboardgeek like me.

  2. Major says:

    mmmm Quickeys! I love it as well! I just started experimenting with a second keyboard to only fire my macros and it’s pretty great! I’ve had a hard time actually thinking of things I do enough to create shortcuts or macros for that don’t already have shortcuts.

  3. Hoppin rod says:

    i cant nudge in ma protools and i dont know why can i get help? i hav protools 8 m-powred on pc

  4. Zack says:

    I'm having trouble getting this to work for "Bounce to QuickTime movie…" Since it's a menu within a menu, how do you type the exact name? Tried "QuickTime movie…" and also "Bounce to QuickTime movie…" Or does this not work for commands that are in a sub-menu.

    I tried to make the shortcut be "shift option command B."


  5. Pieter says:

    i just installed Protools 10. I don't see Protools in de list of applications?

  6. Cristefer Young says:

    this was amazin’, been lookin’ to add shortcuts forever. except on mountain lion you need to click on application shortcuts and then the + symbol will be below the box.


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